Support Grants

For Over 10 Million Nigerians For 12 Months (May 2022 till April 2023)

The 2020 corona virus pandemic has made a devastating impact on the world and with Africa as one of the most hit economically as it is pushed to slide into economic recession and increasing poverty. The poverty index report last year put countries like Nigeria at an all time high and about 70% living below $1.90 a day. More people are becoming poor and unable to afford basic needs like food and healthcare.

“Nigerians are more concerned about the poverty rate and economy than they are about the deadly virus” -

Novare Equity Partners

“More than 37% of households report being exposed to an increase in prices of major food products, while nearly 12% of exposed households report reducing food consumption in order to manage the impact of shocks”

-National Bureau of Statistics

“Some 265 million people in low and middle-income countries will be in acute food insecurity by the end of 2020”

- United Nations

Unemployment may rise to 33.6% or about 39.4 million people by end of 2020

- Professor Yemi Osinbanjo (Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria)
With over a trillion naira spent by the Nigerian government in the past months to provide relief to its citizens including Covid-19 Relief Fund, palliatives, Survival grant, Agricultural Micro Small Medium Enterprises (AGMESIS) etc. yet a greater number of people are yet to benefit from any.

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